How Panel Beaters Rely on Age-Old Techniques to Fix Your Car


Many people are amazed when they see the extent of the damage in a relatively minor car crash. Believe it or not, this is supposed to happen because manufacturers design their vehicles so that they deform as readily as possible in the event of such an accident. As the car deforms, it helps to keep the occupants as safe as possible inside while the metalwork takes the brunt of the energy. Still, this type of damage can be daunting, and if you're in this situation, you may wonder how a panel beater will be able to deal with all those individual dents, bulges and ripples. What type of approach will they take?

High-Tech and Old-Fashioned

Panel beaters have access to some sophisticated technology these days to help them ensure that the frame or chassis of the car is as straight as possible. Assuming that it is, they rely on some age-old techniques to help them deal with all those dents.

Tools of the Trade

Traditionally, this expert will work with a pair of tools in the shape of a dolly and a hammer. Most people are aware of the hammer, of course, but a dolly is simply a specially designed iron or metal device that will counter the force or energy applied by the hammer. In other words, the expert will first place the dolly on the opposite side of the metal, and they will then gradually tap the area, working with high precision.

Painstaking Work

To do this, they will have to gain access to the opposite side of the metal, and this can sometimes be quite a challenge. They may have to disassemble certain parts of the car by removing an inner panel or two before they can start. Then, they will tap away slowly but surely from the edge of the metal and in towards the centre of the dent. This work will help them to achieve their goal without stretching the metal beyond its tolerance as they gently tap the hammer against the dolly.

As they proceed, the technician will feel the surface to check their progress and may use other tools to identify any high spots or low spots for further attention. Indeed, this is a meticulous job, and they will need to rely on their many years of experience to help them get the perfect result.

Trusting the Experts

So even though you've suffered an accident that appears to have caused a lot of damage, you can trust the experts. Always ensure that you bring in an experienced panel beater and they will help to return everything to normal.

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10 January 2020

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