4 Signs Your Transmission Fluid is Low


Transmission fluid provides essential lubrication inside an automatic or manual transmission, therefore reducing friction and wear. Transmission fluid occasionally needs to be topped up to keep the transmission working well. Here are five signs that the level of fluid in your vehicle's transmission has dropped too low.

1. Trouble Finding a Gear

Drivers of manual transmission vehicles might blame themselves when they struggle to find a gear, but sometimes the culprit is low transmission fluid. Drivers of automatic transmission vehicles may also notice a delay when the vehicle is switching gears.

In many cases, topping up the transmission fluid is all you need to eliminate gear-shifting issues. However, if this solution does not fix the problem, it could mean that the transmission is worn out and about to fail, in which case you need to schedule a maintenance check on your vehicle.

2. Noisy Transmission

When the amount of transmission fluid in your vehicle is too low, the moving parts inside the transmission grind against each other, which can produce an unpleasant noise. Always pay attention to the sounds your vehicle makes when you drive; anything out of the ordinary is likely to be a cause for concern.

3. Burning Smell

Transmission fluid levels dropping too low can lead to overheating, which causes oxidation of the remaining fluid. This oxidation produces an odour that is strangely similar to that of burnt toast. If you notice this smell while you are driving, be sure to top up the transmission fluid as soon as you can. If you are not able to top up right away, turn off the engine and allow the transmission to cool down before continuing on your way to a mechanic or calling someone out to help you.

4. Transmission Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid is bright red, which means it is straightforward to identify when this type of fluid is leaking from your vehicle. The fluid also has a sweet smell, which allows you to check that what you see really is transmission fluid.

If you notice that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, the first thing you need to do is to add more fluid to protect the transmission. Next, you need to take the vehicle to a mechanic to fix the underlying problem. A hole in the transmission fluid tank will lead to your transmission fluid dropping to a dangerously low level even if you top it up regularly.

For more information on automatic transmissions, contact an auto service.


17 January 2020

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