What Causes Your Car Battery To Keep Dying?


You are rushing somewhere, so you get into your car only to realise that it cannot start. The engine can't turn over, and the headlights are incredibly dim. So, what happened since the car was in good condition the previous day? There is a probability that the car battery is dead.

A car battery is a vital component that's required to start and drive a vehicle. If it dies, it will be impossible for the car fuel to be ignited, meaning the car systems won't get power. This includes components such as radio, lights, air conditioner and more.

How does a car battery get drained?

Unlike what most people believe, several things can drain the car battery even if you have a high-quality battery. This includes the following.

Leaving the lights on

Have you ever made a mistake and left the car lights on? When you leave interior lights and headlights on overnight, your battery will be drained. Most drivers make this mistake when they get home and are too tired. Ensure you shut the car doors — if you leave them open, interior lights may stay on, and this drains the battery. Even the dome lights drain the battery so ensure you switch the lights off and lock your car's doors.

Your battery's condition is fragile

Once you purchase a car battery, it is essential to maintain it properly. Poor maintenance weakens the battery, and it will be impossible for it to retain power for longer. It will be difficult for the battery to handle even the minor drains like a clock. To make matters worse, such a battery won't function well in extremely cold or hot weather. Therefore, take care of your battery well by practising good driving habits, driving for longer without stopping frequently and purchasing a trickle charger that can keep the battery charged, and still ensure it doesn't get overcharged.

Loose or corroded cables

It will be impossible for the battery's charging system to top off the component as you drive is the connection cables are corroded. To ensure your battery is recharged effectively, be sure to remove dirt or corrosion from the cables with a toothbrush or clean cloth. It's also hard to start the car's engine when the battery cables are loosened since electrical current cannot be transferred effectively.

The battery is too old

An old battery cannot function as efficiently as a new one. Since its weak, it will be difficult for it to hold a full charge effectively. Batteries usually have a three or five-year lifespan, so if yours is old, consider replacing it.


20 January 2020

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