A Guide on Car Servicing


Your car service routine significantly affects the longevity of your vehicle. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to service your vehicle. 

Service the Vehicle on Time

If you do not service your vehicle on time, the engine oil will wear out since it can no longer withstand high temperatures. Engine components are likely to wrap and chip due to increased temperatures and inadequate lubrication. These chips will clog your engine, thus causing engine parts to work harder. Over time, engine parts wear out; hence, you will experience total engine failure. If you own a new car, the warranty becomes void if you do not service the vehicle on time. 

Pre-Service Inspection

Before any service, conduct an inspection to determine the scope of works. Some of your concerns should include the following: 

  • The condition of the braking and suspension system. 
  • Presence of engine leakage and leaks in the cooling system.
  • Uneven tire wear, indicating alignment and balancing problems.
  • The need to top up coolant, brake and transmission fluids.
  • You may also need to clean the engine bay if it is too dirty. 

Oil Change

Oil keeps parts lubricated, thus reducing friction which may increase engine temperatures. Always use the right oil for your engine. Check the user manual to know what oil you should use. Prevailing weather conditions may also influence the type of oil to use. For example, during winter, you need an oil that does not thicken too much. Some aftermarket engine oils can be used in a wide range of temperatures. Besides, they contain additives that prevent engine corrosion and detergents to clean the engine.

Air Filter

The air filter cleans air entering the combustion chamber. After a while, the filter clogs, thus restricting air from entering the engine. Ultimately, this will affect the performance of your engine. Preferably, you should change or clean the air filter during car servicing.

Service Records

Check your service records to determine if you need to change major components such as the fuel pump, timing belt, injectors and fuel filter. You may also have to service the turbocharger, adjust the timing or serpentine belts.

Remember to use genuine OEM spares as you service your vehicle. Used parts should be purchased from reputable car removal services, spare part shops or garages that are ready to provide guarantees and warranties. 

Car service should be easy with the above tips. Service the vehicle on time, conduct a pre-service inspection, use the right engine oil, replace the air filter and check the service records.  


22 January 2020

Keeping Your Car in Good Condition

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