Tips Truck Drivers Should Consider After a Roadside Breakdown


Although the life of a truck driver can be exciting because you travel to new places and meet new people, things can get complicated when the truck breaks down. Even if your truck was checked out by professionals before you left the company, mishaps do occur, and you might find yourself dealing with an unexpected breakdown in the middle of nowhere. So, what should you do when you find yourself in this situation? Here are some truck repair service guidelines you need to keep in mind whenever you are dealing with mechanical failures.

Get to know the truck repair shops in the area

One of the things you need to do before you start your trip or as soon as the truck becomes faulty is to familiarise yourself with the truck repair shops in the area. When you know their locations, it will be easy to find the assistance you require in your time of need. So instead of DIYing, consider contacting the nearest company as long as they have the resources to handle truck repairs. However, if your truck cannot get to the repair shop, you should contact a reputable truck repair service provider to come to you. Such experts will find you as soon as possible and repair your truck.

Stay calm as you wait for assistance

While truck drivers are accustomed to handling difficult situations, a truck breakdown can be stressful. In most cases, breakdowns occur in unexpected circumstances and places. You may find yourself stuck when the weather is unfriendly or in an unsafe area. When this happens, you'll likely panic, and this isn't good. Staying calm during at this time will enable you to make informed choices which can save your life and ensure the company's objectives are met. Whatever you do, you should make sure you are safe as well.

Create a plan when carrying dangerous or sensitive loads

The type of load you are carrying should also be considered after a truck breakdown. If you are carrying chilled goods and the breakdown causes the chiller unit to fail too, be sure to call your dispatcher. This will enable you to come up with a plan so the goods don't get damaged too. The same procedure should be followed if you are carrying chemicals or other forms of dangerous goods. If the repairs can't be done within a short time, your company might need to send another truck. Even if the delivery is delayed, your customers will appreciate your company's effort considering the challenges.


22 January 2020

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