How Can You Find the Best Mechanic for Your Car?


If you care about your vehicle, then you should be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep it running well. You will probably be ensuring that you get the car regularly checked to spot any problems, yet even with this level of care, it's inevitable that there will still be times when your car is off the road with mechanical problems. When your car fails, you must have a mechanic you can turn to get your vehicle back on the road without undue delay. Finding the perfect mechanic can sometimes be a struggle, but here are three things that you should look for to guide your search for the most suitable mechanic.

Look for membership of a recognized association or trade body

A mechanic who has taken the time to be certified by either a national body or by the manufacturer of the particular type of car on which they specialise must be able to demonstrate a certain degree of skill and experience in their work. If you want to find a certified mechanic in your area, then many associations and manufacturers maintain lists of certified mechanics which can be accessed on their websites or by contacting them directly.

Check their online reviews

Since mechanics deal with a large number of customers every week, their work can often be assessed by taking a look at their online reviews. While reviews are not always an entirely reliable guide, they can often provide an indication of the general quality of a particular business. If you see the same issues being mentioned by multiple reviewers, then that should tell you that there could be a problem.

Interview the mechanic

Researching the mechanic from a distance can only provide you with limited information. If you really want to know whether you have found the right mechanic for your vehicle, then you must take the time to interview the mechanic for yourself. A mechanic who values your business should be happy to discuss their working practices with you. Questions which it is always worth asking a prospective mechanic include:

  • Where do they source their spare parts?
  • Will they provide free estimates?
  • Do they offer courtesy cars?
  • How are their labour rates calculated?
  • What are their payment terms?

Thoroughly investigating the mechanic before letting him or her work on your car is the best way to ensure that the person you pick is the best mechanic for the job. Contact a mechanic in your area to learn more.


24 January 2020

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