The Most Common Causes of Engine Failure in Trucks


While trucks are built to deliver solid performance, they are not invincible. Just like cars, they can break down at some point and require repair service. Completing maintenance on your truck is an excellent way to keep it running at its best and minimise problems that might lead to vehicle failure. 

That said, you need to know about the most common truck repairs that auto mechanics are called upon to perform. That way, you can get a rough idea of which types of truck problems to expect down the road. Engine failure is one of the most common problems in trucks. If you're worried about your truck, check out some of the usual engine failure culprits below. 

1. Insufficient Amounts of Engine Oil and Coolant

The engine in your truck is one of those mechanical systems of your car that requires a lubricant and coolant to operate well. Inadequate amounts of engine oil and coolant can cause engine failure. Low engine oil levels lead to poor lubrication of moving components, which results in internal friction. The friction between internal parts of the engine causes overheating, which can lead to a complete engine shutdown. 

Lack of sufficient coolant, on the other hand, means that your engine will lose its cooling capacity, as there will be no fluid to facilitate the transfer of excess heat from the engine. This can exacerbate existing engine overheating problems. Regularly check your engine fluid levels and ensure that your truck has sufficient amounts of the required fluids to prevent engine breakdown.

2. Overloaded Trucks

Your truck's engine generates the mechanical power that is required to move the vehicle. If it breaks down, then the vehicle will stall. One of the factors that can cause engine failure is overloading your truck. Transporting more cargo than your vehicle can carry will strain your engine and make it run harder than it should. The engine will lose power and ultimately fail. Aside from triggering engine trouble, truck overloading can attract fines and penalties, depending on your state- or territory-specific transportation laws. Stick to the vehicle manufacturer-recommended carrying capacity included in your owner's manual to keep your engine running at its peak for a long time.

If your truck is experiencing engine trouble, don't wait to act. If you need further assistance, you should contact a truck serving repair company near you and they will address the problem for you.


27 January 2020

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