3 Ways to Make Sure Your Car Remains Roadworthy After Professional Servicing


Did you just get your car professionally serviced? You're already on the right track to extending its life. Plus, professional car servicing means all parts are maintained and repaired so it is safer to drive for you and your passengers. But you also need to make sure your remains roadworthy with a few precautionary measures. 

Keep Track of All Vehicle Fluid Levels

Fluids are so important to properly run your vehicle without any difficulty. For instance, engine oil is used to lubricate the combustion engine, reduce friction and clean sludge from the engine. Power steering fluid creates pressure on your car's piston, which then transmits power to the steering wheel—letting you turn it more easily. You need to make sure these fluids are always at recommended levels between servicing appointments. If you think there's an issue with any fluid level in your car, get it checked to prevent any long-term issues.

Make Sure Your Tyres Are Always at the Recommended Pressure

Your tyres always need to be at the correct pressure to make sure you are as safe as possible when driving and to increase their lifespan. When tyres are at the right pressure, they don't need to work extra hard to run your vehicle. This optimises your fuel consumption, which ultimately makes the car cheaper to run. Most fuel stations have pressure filling machines, which makes it easy for you to inflate your tyres regularly. The tyre pressure information is usually available in your car manual or even on the door frame at the driver's side to make it easy for you to access.

Avoid Stressing Your Engine While Starting It

You need to find ways to minimise the strain on your engine to make sure it runs smoothly for longer. To do this, you should make sure your radio, air conditioning, windscreen wipes and anything else is turned off. This helps to protect the engine's life since it doesn't need to work so hard to start the car. Engines are usually most worn out when they are started, so don't add unnecessary pressure that can be avoided. You can easily start up your air conditioning and other accessories after the engine has been on for a few seconds.

All these tips are meant to help you extend the life of your car between professional services. Don't neglect the importance of getting your car serviced regularly. For more information, contact car servicing services. 


29 January 2020

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