Repairing Your Car after a Front-End Smash: What's Worth Knowing?


Every car owner dreads being in a road accident. You don't know what will happen to your car after that, and the worst parts are the cost and litigation that follow most of these road incidents. Particularly, incidents involving front-end smashes are quite common today. Modern roads handle thousands of vehicles every day, and the daily traffic snarl-ups make things worse for motorists.

An old saying affirms that knowledge is power. When your vehicle becomes damaged in a front-end smash, the information you have on such incidences will help you treat your vehicle right. Here is some useful information for you:

Front-End Smashes Can be Severe

A good rule of thumb for keeping your car in good shape is to treat everything with the seriousness it deserves. Front-end smashes can be devastating to some of the essential systems in your vehicle, including the engine and cooling system. The worst part is that most of these underlying problems will only manifest themselves after some time.

Today's motor vehicles have complex operating systems. Multiple sensors and driver-assist controls can suffer significant damage from a minor front-end collision. Your best bet is to hire the services of a repairer who will carry out a thorough examination of your vehicle following a front end smash. The evaluation focuses on problems that might show up later, such as electrical wiring and broken engine gaskets.

Repair Techniques are Important

Vehicle models vary significantly in terms of the materials used on their exterior, quality of paint and mechanical features like headlamps. Indeed, the technique used to repair front-end smashes should suit your vehicle and restore its original configuration. It's worth discussing the go-to procedures that the mechanics will use when fixing your car. Let them show you pictures of the pre and post-repair projects that they have handled in the past. Some of the things to note here include:

  • Removal of the front bar and guard to expose the underlying wiring.
  • Assessment of underlying damage and the necessary repairs — the repairer should have adequate personnel to take on this.
  • Computerised examination of sensors and vehicle fittings to ensure they are in good condition before panel beating.
  • Aligning the chassis to maintain a good balance by the vehicle.

Final Touches

The final steps of front-end smash repairs include final changes like paintwork. Make sure that the repairer is comfortable delivering the correct colour code of your vehicle. You will also be better off with someone who offers additional services, such as ceramic coating.

To learn more about smash repairs like Volvo smash repairs, contact panel shops in your area.


29 January 2020

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