Top 3 Basic Car Maintenance Tips For Every Beginner


Although modern-day vehicles come in intricate designs and incorporate more sophisticated engines, computer electronics and creative bodywork, they still require basic care. This is the reason experts recommend that you get your European car serviced regularly, as per the designated schedule.

When done by a reputable mechanic, car servicing will extend the resilience and life of your auto. It allows the experts to examine and conduct the necessary car repairs so that the vehicle can operate optimally. But, if you choose to drive your vehicle for too long without getting any basic maintenance, the vehicle will develop irreversible issues, and conducting the repairs will cost you more.

Below are some beginner car maintenance tips you should keep in mind.

Wash the car regularly

The appearance of your car matters a lot, and that's the reason why you should have a strict schedule for washing your vehicle. This retains its shine for longer and prevents corrosion. If you allow layers of chemicals, mud, bird droppings and dust to accumulate on the surface for too long, the wax and paint will weaken and gradually become damaged.

Therefore, consider washing your car often using certified cleaning products rather than the standard household detergents and soaps. Parts you must clean include the wheels, mirrors (both inside and out) and the floor (use a vacuum). If you don't want to DIY this, consider assigning the task to an expert, and you'll get quality services.

Avoid skipping scheduled service

Many vehicle owners are often tempted to skip the scheduled service because the vehicle is still operating normally. While you might think that you will save money when you adopt this habit, you will only be causing more harm to your car. Generally, car service entails checking the condition of the car and replacing all the worn-out parts. This way, you will be safer while driving, and the chances of experiencing a vehicle malfunction will reduce significantly. Adhering to the service schedule also retains the vehicle's value so you can get more when you decide the sell it.

Check the fluids often

Another reliable way to maintain the performance of your vehicle is to keep a close eye on the power steering fluid, motor oil and coolant. These fluids need to be topped up regularly, as they are your vehicle's lifeblood. Without them, the car will break down, and certain components will get worn out, leading to expensive repairs. Make sure you use the right fluids during the top up, or else you will incur extra expenses to fix the problem.

For more information, contact a European car servicing provider.


31 January 2020

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