Why It's Important to Make Sure That Your Alloy Wheels Are Serviced Correctly


If you are the type of person who takes great pride in the appearance of their car, you may have fitted a set of aluminium wheels in the past. These wheels not only look good, but they are much lighter as well, and this can improve the performance of the vehicle while helping with tyre wear. Yet you do need to pay attention to the condition of these wheels over time and will eventually need to get them serviced. This may involve a complete refurbishment, but you should nevertheless be careful attention here as problems could otherwise arise. What should you be on the lookout for?

Refurbishing the Wheel

When an alloy wheel is serviced, it may need a complete refurbishment. The technician may need to strip the surface of the wheel to get rid of any imperfections and blast the surface using a special machine as well. They will then need to repaint the surface to finish the job but must be very careful to ensure that the paint is carefully applied.

Applying the Paint Correctly

It is very important to ensure that the correct thickness of paint is applied. If there is any excess, it can cause issues when the wheel is refitted. In other words, the paint levels should be no greater than the original manufacturer specifications because the wheel may not fit perfectly onto the hub otherwise.

Unexpected Issues

Certainly, you may not be able to see any problem with the naked eye, and the difference may only be a fraction of a millimetre, but it can nevertheless cause issues with calibration. Once the brake discs are refitted to the hub and the wheel is then added, performance issues can arise. You may detect a strange feel through the brake pedal or vibration when decelerating from a high speed, and this could be due to an incorrectly resurfaced alloy wheel.

Taking It to a Professional

So, if your aluminium wheels are looking a little worse for wear and you're thinking about taking them in to be serviced, always make sure that you work with an experienced and knowledgeable technician. They will make sure that the wheel is refurbished in accordance with manufacturer recommendations, and they will ensure that the proper level of paint is applied. Importantly, they will also make sure that your vehicle is ready for action when all the work is finished. 

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25 March 2020

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