Signs It's Time to Get Your Vehicle's Brakes Repaired


One of the primary vehicle problems you cannot afford to overlook is brake troubles. Brake parts are designed to help your auto come to a halt, especially when an emergency arises. However, these components do not last forever – they get worn out due to friction and need to be repaired or replaced from time to time. This boosts the functionality of your vehicle and its safety on the road.

The good news is that vehicles give lots of warnings informing you that it's time for brake repairs, so it's your responsibility to note them and take the vehicle to a reputable mechanic. The mechanic will examine the system and determine if you really require brake and clutch repair and to what extent. Below are some warning signs you should look out for.

You keep hearing unusual noises

Are you hearing squealing or grinding noises or a metallic squeal whenever you apply the brakes? The brake pads in every vehicle have wear indicators that make a high-pitched sound when you are driving. Their work is to inform you that the brake pads need to be replaced. So, if you hear the sound, be sure to drive to the mechanic shop immediately. Do not ignore this weird noise, or else you'll end up damaging the rotors and eventually having to pay more for the repairs.

The brake pedal is soft

If you get a smooth feeling after pressing the brake pedal or you have realised that the pedal is too close to the floor, it could be time to get brake repairs. This issue occurs when the brake pads get worn out, and the only solution is to replace them. You may also experience the problem when the brake fluid leaks.

Strong burning odour

You should consider getting your braking system checked out when your vehicle gives out a strong burning smell as you drive on a steep hill or after applying an emergency brake. The burning odour often indicates that the brakes are overheating. If smoke comes from the wheel, then it could indicate that you have caliper issue. Do not continue driving when you notice these signs – get a towing service provider to tow your vehicle to the repair shop.

Brake lights are on

Warning lights on the dashboard should come on automatically every time you start the vehicle. However, if the yellow or red brake indicator lights stay on as you drive, then it could mean that the braking system is faulty or that the routine brake service is due. Consider taking your vehicle for an inspection to address the problem.

To learn more, take your car to a shop that does mechanical repairs.


28 May 2020

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