Four Uncommon Car Repairs That May Be Covered By Your Insurance Company


Most people turn to their insurers for insurance car repairs when they have been involved in an accident or require major repairs. However, these are not the only times your insurance cover can come in handy. Your auto insurance policy may cover some of the minor services and repairs that you pay out of pocket. Therefore, before you write a check to your mechanic or other auto service provider, note these four car repairs and services that may be eligible for coverage.

Roadside Emergency and Towing Services

When your car stalls by the roadside due to a minor hitch or a breakdown, you have to call a towing company for roadside emergency or towing services. Depending on the nature of the problem, you may pay cash or file an insurance claim once the car gets to the mechanic. What you may not know, however, is that your insurance may cover roadside emergency and towing services. This means you don't have to pay the towing company to tow your car and take it to your repair shop. Your insurer could cover the cost for you. 

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshield repairs can be costly, especially when the damage is so extensive that it requires a new screen. Whether your windshield was damaged by hail, a tree branch or an accident, you can get it repaired by your insurer. However, note that not all companies cover windshield repairs in basic comprehensive covers. Sometimes you have to take out a separate policy. However, it's worth filing a claim or talking to your insurance agent before paying for the repairs out of pocket.

Tire Replacement

Most people drive with one spare tire for emergencies. But what if you get two flat tires in the middle of nowhere? You need to get a tire replacement. Most opt to contact a roadside emergency service, mechanic or towing company for tire repair services. Fortunately, some insurance companies allow you to bill for such services. 

Minor Vehicle Repairs

Every driver deals with minor car repairs at some point. Whether it's minor brake work, spark plug changes, wheel alignment or replacement of small components, you don't always have to pay out of pocket. Your insurance cover can pay for the repairs, mainly if they affect the performance and reliability of the car. So the next time your car stalls by the roadside due to faulty brakes, remember to file a claim with your insurer.

Insurance companies offer different auto covers with varying terms. Some cover these and other repairs and services that you wouldn't have thought to claim. Therefore, talk to your insurer before paying for these repairs, and you may end up saving some money!


5 June 2020

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