4 Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repair


If you've been using your car long enough, at some point, it will require transmission repair. Whether it means that it will need transmission service, repair, or replacement, it will depend on how long you've been driving it with transmission issues and how much damage has already occurred. Fortunately, your car will always show you signs of transmission failure. The sooner you take your vehicle to a professional mechanic for auto service and repair, the better the chances that you'll avoid the expenses that come with a full rebuild. 

The key is to always take the symptoms seriously as they occur. Here are a few signs that your car needs transmission repairs. 

Issues With Shifting Gears

Whether your vehicle uses manual or automatic transmission, it should switch gears easily. If you notice problems when you're shifting gears, or your car doesn't shift gears when it should, then it most likely has a transmission issue. Since gears are an important part of the transmission, any irregularities with shifting gears is an almost certain indication of transmission trouble. Some of the specific warning signs include:

  • Hesitation when putting your car into gear
  • Your car falls out of gear when driving
  • Your car shifts gears for no reason
  • Jerking when you're shifting gears

If your car shows any of these issues, don't hesitate to take it for transmissions service or repair.

Dark, Burnt and Cloudy Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is usually bright red and has a very distinct sweet smell. If the fluid is opaque and dark, or it appears or smells burnt, this is a sign that your transmission needs the attention of a professional. If you can smell burning transmission fluid when you're outside your vehicle, your gears are probably overheating due to excess friction, producing a burning smell. 

Leaking Transmission Fluid  

If you notice red fluid where you normally park your car, you should not ignore it. Whether it's cloudy or clear, you need to visit an auto repair shop. While the leak couldn't automatically mean that your car's transmission needs repair, leaving it unattended will cause damage. 

Strange Noises or Transmission Grinding

When the transmission is contaminated with grease, dirt, or sludge, the car could show symptoms similar to those of inadequate transmission fluid. If you hear strange noises or transmission grinding as you're driving, simply stop the vehicle and check on the transmission fluid level before switching off the engine. Confirm that the transmission fluid colour is bright red as opposed to brown or black. If the fluid colour and level of the transmission are acceptable, then you need to visit an auto service shop for a transmission flush.

If you notice any of these signs, don't wait until the damage is too much. Visit an auto service shop to check if your transmission requires flushing, repair or replacement. 


15 July 2020

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