Why Is Your Diesel-Engined Vehicle Overheating?


Is your diesel-engined car or truck overheating and you cannot put your finger on the problem? You will need to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible before any major long-term damage occurs, but where should you start?

Temperature and Pressure

For a diesel engine to work efficiently, its temperature needs to be kept within a strict range. You also need to ensure that the fuel is being delivered under the right pressure so that it creates an efficient burn within the engine. Sometimes an overheating motor can be caused by fuel delivery problems, but you should check some of the more obvious areas first before you start to panic.

More Obvious Issues

Begin by looking at the state of the radiator. Can you see any apparent leaks on the outside, and are the hoses all in good condition? You should also have a look at the thermostat to make sure that it is opening and closing in accordance with its settings. If it is not, then it won't be able to tell if the engine is running too warm or not. This means that it can't send a message to the ECU and cooling systems will remain inactive.

Cooling Fan

With care, have a look down into the engine bay when the car is running to make sure that the cooling fan is still working. It will remain in the off position until the right temperature is achieved, so don't stick your hand near it in case it comes on without warning. If the vehicle has been running for some time and the fan remains stubbornly inactive, you will know that there is something wrong.

Clogged Injectors

Your overheating issue may also be caused by dirty diesel injectors. As you may know, the fuel is supposed to be delivered as a fine mist under a specific pressure level. However, if the injectors are clogged, then they will not be able to do their job correctly, and this will cause the entire engine to overheat.

Mobile Mechanic to the Rescue

Injectors can certainly be cleaned, but it's not a DIY job. You can always call in a mobile diesel repair professional as this is likely a job that they can do outside your home. Tell them about your problem, and they may be able to diagnose it over the phone. They can then make an appointment to see you at your convenience.


23 September 2020

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