Four Fundamental Guidelines for Servicing Your Trailer


Purchasing a trailer is a significant investment. Therefore, you must plan on protecting this piece of equipment to ensure longer service. The most important approach for increasing the lifespan of a trailer is conducting regular maintenance. This will minimise the wear of critical components and reduce the risk of sudden failure. Moreover, proper care will ensure personal safety when hauling goods. Here are some simple guidelines for servicing your trailer.

Plan for Tyre Care and Inspection

The condition of trailer tyres is often overlooked. Unfortunately, this oversight can result in serious road accidents. In simple terms, if the tyres are not serviced, they will experience fast and uneven tread wear. This could lead to instability and swaying during haulage. As a result, the tow vehicle could go out of control. Therefore, you must uphold the appropriate practices for tyre care. Ideally, you should ensure that these components are inflated correctly. Also, monitor tread wear and plan for replacement.

Manage Electrical Problems

You should check on the condition of the electrical wiring in your trailer. If the wiring is faulty, you will have problems with your lighting, including the brake lights and indicator lights. The failure of the units will not only result in dangerous situations on the road, but you will also be held liable by the authorities if you drive without lighting. In general, it is advisable to test the function of the electrical components periodically. If there are faulty bulbs, you should plan for immediate replacement. If the wiring is damaged, you will need to consult an auto technician.

Reduce Components Friction

All the moving elements in your trailer should be lubricated regularly. Proper lubrication will reduce friction. Consequently, there will be limited wear of the parts. Moreover, this servicing process will make hauling the trailer a pleasant experience because there will be no annoying squeaks. It is advisable to plan on greasing core functional components like wheel bearing and axles and less critical parts like trailer door hinges. When planning for lubrication, purchase a quality product which will minimise friction without a greasy build-up.

Keep the Trailer Clean

Finally, you should clean the trailer as part of servicing the unit. This upkeep procedure is crucial because grime and general dirt can conceal a lot of auto malfunctions. Where possible, the trailer should be cleaned by a professional. If you choose to clean the unit, ensure that both the chassis and the body are washed thoroughly. Once this is done, conduct an inspection and plan for repairs. 

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30 November 2020

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