Manual Transmissions Can Fail, Too: Here's What You Need to Watch For


Whilst automatic transmissions often begin to break down after they accumulate significant mileage, manual transmissions tend to be tougher and last longer. However, that doesn't mean that manual transmissions never have any problems at all. To look after your manual transmission properly, it's important to have it maintained according to your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. Additionally, it's wise to be on the lookout for the following early signs of a future manual transmission failure. 

Look for the Leak

It's important to watch for transmission fluid leaks, as a leak can indicate issues like failing gaskets or a lack of proper lubrication within the transmission. Watch the area underneath where you typically park your vehicle for the leaks and occasionally glance under your vehicle whilst parked to look for possible drips. Transmission fluid is normally red in colour, but it can become brown as it ages — and if it's burnt, transmission fluid can even be almost black in colour. 

Check on Your Clutch

Issues with your vehicle clutch are often your first indicator that the transmission is failing, which makes sense as the clutch is the most heavily used component of a manual transmission. As you drive, watch closely to ensure that you don't have problems staying in gear or moving up to the higher gears. Both of these problems are key indicators that your clutch is starting to fail. 

Look Out for Lever Problems

The shift lever can fail in a manual transmission almost as commonly as the clutch can fail. Whilst the shifter isn't technically a component of the transmission, it's a telltale indicator of manual transmission troubles. If your shifter is failing, you won't be able to operate the clutch properly -- and this can make it virtually impossible to drive. 

Grimace at Grinding Gears

Whilst gear failure isn't so common as clutch problems, it's a pretty clear indicator of transmission problems. If you notice any significant grinding whilst changing gears, get manual transmission repair help straight away. Even if you don't hear or feel grinding, you might notice that it feels as if the tyres are suddenly flattening whilst changing gears when you've got transmission troubles. 

If you've noticed any of the above signs of manual transmission trouble, don't delay in visiting your manual transmission repair shop straight away. Allowing these problems to go on for an extended period of time could lead to a costly transmission replacement, whilst attending to the matter now may mean that you just need an easily affordable repair. For more information, contact an automatic transmission service.


30 March 2021

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