Key Benefits of Logbook Servicing


Keeping on top of things regarding car servicing is crucial since it prevents issues from getting out of hand. It is the reason vehicle manufacturers include logbook services during purchase. However, some car owners still ignore logbook servicing and take their vehicle for a check-up when the dashboard starts blinking. Regrettably, such negligence often proves costly. Besides extending a car's service life, here are other equally important reasons to get logbook servicing.

Avoid Voiding Warranty 

When you buy a car from a manufacturer or dealer, it comes with a warranty. It means that a manufacturer or a dealer will take care of any repairs should your vehicle experience predetermined issues. However, car warranties are only valid if you follow the minimum servicing requirements stipulated in a logbook. Moreover, logbook servicing is proof that an authorised dealer attended to your car. Even if you do not use the services of an authorised dealer, a warranty should still be valid if you take your vehicle to an authorised service centre. Failure to comply with requirements voids a warranty, forcing you to pay for repair services out of pocket.

Increase Resale Value 

Some people buy a vehicle intending to sell it in the future, while others plan to keep their cars for extended periods. Whichever is the case, protecting a car's resale value is essential, and regular service makes it possible. Although basic servicing keeps most systems running smoothly, a potential buyer would be more concerned with logbook servicing. Notably, a logbook acts as a handy record of every single service a car has undergone over its lifetime. Thus, a potential buyer will examine a log to ascertain whether a vehicle has undergone the necessary servicing based on the manufacturer's schedule.

Quick Identification of Issues 

Not knowing where to begin regarding car servicing is a mechanic's worst nightmare. They must conduct various tests to identify a small problem, which takes time. It usually happens with vehicles that do not have a record of logbook servicing. With logbook servicing, you can maintain regular records that a mechanic can refer to every time you take your car to an auto shop. It makes a mechanic's work much easier since they can find faults quickly by simply looking at previous services on a logbook. The ultimate effect is that your car spends less time at an auto shop, and you will pay less for repair services. 


14 July 2021

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