Was Your Car Involved in an Accident? 4 Panel-Beating Techniques to Bring It Back to Form


Car accidents happen when you least expect them. Whether you were involved in a minor fender bender or a major accident, you will notice certain defects on the body of your car that need immediate repair. A professional panel beater can help you fix the physical damage through quality panel-beating. Here are some of the most common processes that an auto expert uses to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Shrinking and Stretching

Shrinking and stretching are the most common ways that auto body experts fix dents and other damages. They do this by applying heat to the affected part, forcing it to expand. They then use a special hammer while the metal is still hot to reshape it to the desired shape. Once the metal cools down, it goes back to its original state before the accident. 

Planishing the Metal

Planishing is a technique that auto mechanics use together with heating. Once the metallic parts of the auto body are hot, they place a shaping tool such as a dolly or stake inside the area with the dent. They then use a planishing hammer to shape and smooth over the surface. This technique is highly effective in vehicles that sustain massive depressions after an accident. 

Welding the Separated Parts

Serious accidents often lead to ripped auto body parts. For example, the front bumper is likely to get ripped off if another car hits it from the side or in a head-on collision. Doors, side mirrors, and other components will also get ripped off in a serious accident. Welding helps put these parts back together. The process involves using molten metal to join the bits that broke apart during the accident. The auto mechanic can use a gas or electric flame depending on the metal they are handling. 

Sanding and Filing

Sanding and filing are other processes that help smooth over anything that might have chipped or crumpled up from the accident. Sanding also removes old paint and gets the area ready for spray painting. The auto professional can use controlled sandblasting when removing damaged paint over large patches of the vehicle's metallic surface. In addition to sanding, they will also fill any holes with filler before spray painting.

These are some of the processes that auto mechanics follow when panel beating your car back to shape. Make sure to hire a competent mechanic to help you manage your panel-beating process for the best results. 


2 September 2021

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