Essential Tips for Servicing a Luxury Vehicle


Anyone who owns a car must prioritise routine maintenance. However, you should double the effort if you own a luxury car brand or model. High-end luxury vehicles are not built like the regular cars you see around. Notably, they incorporate additional features and capabilities for enhancing comfort, performance and safety. After all, repairing a damaged component of a luxury vehicle does not come cheap. Here are essential tips to help you service a luxury car and keep it in pristine condition.

Follow Logbook Service 

Logbook service is a guide that comes with a vehicle from the manufacturer regarding routine maintenance, regular inspections and minor fixes. Every car, luxury or not, comes with a logbook service guide. However, you can easily get away without logbook service if you drive a mass-market vehicle because most auto shops are conversant with car systems. However, the same cannot be said of luxury cars because they require experts to handle their complex systems. It is the reason logbook service for luxury vehicles indicates specific dealer shops where car owners can take their machines for top-notch servicing. It guarantees that technicians follow the proper service procedures as stipulated in a logbook.

Invest in Regular Car Washes 

Contrary to popular belief, car washing is essential for proper maintenance. All cars are exposed to the elements, including dirt, dust, bugs, bird droppings, tree saps and other stains. Notably, mass-market car models can get away with the occasional car wash because most have ordinary solid paints, and repainting is not as expensive. However, you must invest in regular washes if you own a luxury car because manufacturers spare no expense whatsoever in the paintwork since customers demand value for money. Since it is difficult to replicate a luxury vehicle's original paint or shade, repainting can be pretty expensive. The best way to avoid such costs is to keep the paint in pristine condition by regularly washing your luxury car.

Regular Interior Detailing 

While you can easily tell a luxury car from its exterior frame, you can only be sure when you get inside. Luxury vehicles are very comfortable and feature many gadgets that adjust almost every element inside and outside the car. Therefore, you should never go more than a few weeks without servicing the interior of a luxury car. It involves vacuuming the interior every week, cleaning and refreshing the upholstery fabric with the right cleaner and generally ensuring that every surface is shiny, sleek and streak-free.

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3 January 2022

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