Understanding the Benefits of a Truck Intercooler


When it comes to maximising the power of your truck engine, investing in an intercooler can be a game-changer. The intercooler helps increase the power and efficiency of your engine by reducing the temperature of the air entering your engine. This results in a denser, more oxygen-rich intake charge, which, in turn, provides more power and better fuel economy. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of a truck intercooler and the reasons why it should be a staple in your truck's performance upgrades.

20 December 2023

GVM Upgrades: What You Need to Know


As a 4x4 enthusiast, you'd know that your vehicle is more than just a way to commute; it's a way of life. You love exploring the great outdoors, pushing yourself and your vehicle, and challenging the limits of what's possible. And, when it comes to upgrading your ride, there's one modification that can make a huge difference in its performance and capabilities: the GVM upgrade. GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) upgrades increase the maximum weight your 4x4 can carry, allowing you to carry more gear, tackle more rugged terrain, and go further than ever before.

27 November 2023

Recognising the Signs: When Should You Consider GVM Upgrades for Your Vehicle?


Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) refers to the maximum weight a vehicle can safely carry, including its own weight. If your vehicle is regularly loaded beyond this limit, it may be time to consider a GVM upgrade. Here are some signs indicating that a GVM upgrade could be necessary for your car. Regular Overloading If you're consistently packing your vehicle with heavy equipment, large loads, or towing heavy trailers, you might be overloading your car.

22 August 2023

The Dos and Don'ts of Preparing for a Road-Worthy Inspection


A road-worthy inspection is an essential part of vehicle ownership that ensures the driver's and others' safety on the road. Preparing for a road-worthy inspection is important to avoid potential issues that could lead to a failed inspection. Read about the dos and don'ts of preparing for a road-worthy inspection. Scroll down to discover more. Do: Conduct Periodic Maintenance Periodic maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle in good condition and ensuring a successful road-worthy inspection.

11 May 2023

Five Car Battery Types That A Car Battery Provider Can Help You With


If you have a car battery that needs to be replaced, you may be wondering which kind of battery is right for your vehicle. Luckily, you can get help from a car battery provider. They will be able to explain all of the different types of batteries and help you choose the one that's right for your vehicle. Here are five common types of car batteries. 1. Lead Batteries The typical car battery has a lead-acid design.

31 January 2023

How to Tell If Your Trailer Leaf Springs Are Defective


If you regularly tow a heavy load, such as a car or boat, spare a thought for the trailer and how it has to put up with that significant weight. To do this, the trailer relies on a set of leaf springs that are designed to handle these heavy loads day in and day out. However, these springs require some attention as time goes by, so what should you be looking out for, and what could happen if they were to fail?

27 October 2022

Why Gravity May Not Be Your Friend When Changing Your Automatic Transmission Oil


For an automatic transmission to work correctly over the long term, the lubricating fluid has to be in good condition. It's well-engineered by the manufacturers to cope with challenging conditions, but it will inevitably degrade as time goes by. As an owner, you can do your part by replacing the fluid at recommended intervals but must ensure that all of this lubricant is properly removed during a service visit. How can this be accomplished, and what can happen if you do not pursue these goals?

1 August 2022

Transmission Troubles: 3 Parts That Are Prone To Damage


Most drivers don't pay attention to their car's transmission system until there's a problem. And when that problem arises, it's usually something major, like the transmission slipping or grinding gears. However, did you know that several parts of the transmission system are prone to damage? This article highlights three of them. Torque Converter The torque converter converts the engine's torque into hydraulic power using a series of transmission fluid-filled discs that rotate at different speeds.

11 May 2022

What's Involved in a Full Rear Axle Service?


Many vehicles today are front-wheel-drive, which means that the engine, gearbox and transmission are all in one place. This makes a major service visit that much easier, but if you have a rear-wheel-drive car or truck, you need to pay attention to the rear axle transmission and make sure that it is properly serviced from time to time as well. How is this type of work performed? Service Intervals Vehicle manufacturers specify service intervals, and typically, you may only need to drain and refill the fluid from your back axle.

9 March 2022

Essential Tips for Servicing a Luxury Vehicle


Anyone who owns a car must prioritise routine maintenance. However, you should double the effort if you own a luxury car brand or model. High-end luxury vehicles are not built like the regular cars you see around. Notably, they incorporate additional features and capabilities for enhancing comfort, performance and safety. After all, repairing a damaged component of a luxury vehicle does not come cheap. Here are essential tips to help you service a luxury car and keep it in pristine condition.

3 January 2022